Decorative Light Fixtures

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What do I need to think about when choosing a decorative light fixture?

Decorative Light Fixtures

Plain or fancy, traditional or modern, the right decorative light fixtures can bring a room to life. Here are some questions to ask when deciding what to buy:

  • Will this fixture be used for general lighting (shedding light over most or all of a room) or accent lighting (light for a specific task or to highlight a specific object)?
  • Where do I want people's eyes to go when they enter the room? Sometimes, the light fixture is part of a decorative scheme and you want it to stand out; in other rooms, a decorative light fixture needs to harmonize with the style of other objects without drawing attention away from them.
  • Do I need a dimmer? These are good to have in general lighting (except in kitchens and bathrooms), but are less important for accent lighting unless you want to be able to create specific lighting effects.



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