Different Chandelier Looks

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What are some different chandelier styles?

Different Chandelier Looks

Don't try to use a chandelier to dress up a casual house, or make a modern house look more traditional. Instead, find one that works with the decor you already have.

  • Iron chandeliers are good for a classic or antique look. Because they can be very heavy, many "iron" chandeliers are lighter-weight metal with a slightly textured black finish.
  • Wood chandeliers can look rustic or contemporary, depending on styling.
  • Crystal chandeliers offer a glittering, formal look, meant to impress.
  • Antler chandeliers are a unique style made from the antlers of deer. No deer are harmed -- the antlers used in chandeliers are ones the deer have already shed and left on the ground.
  • Brass chandeliers also lend a formal look, and are popular as a brightener for small spaces.



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