Ceiling Fan Lighting

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Ceiling Fan Lighting

LampsPlus.com Tip: The breeze you get from lighted ceiling fans, is, well, the reason you install fans. But light and a cool breeze go together like outdoor ceiling fans and California weather. Most people replace existing light fixtures with ceiling fans. To maintain the same desired light level in your home office, living room, or the kids' rooms, choose ceiling fan light bulbs that, if not identical, are complementary to the light bulbs in the light fixtures you just replaced.

Tip: Lighting needs will vary from room to room. Your kids do need good light for reading, but not necessary the brightest ceiling fan light. Your dining room and kitchen, however, need "task lighting," which means brighter ceiling fan lights. You can use dimmers to tone down the light, since you'll probably need the recommended bulb size and intensity. Opt for opaque shades and globes to change the light intensity.

You may have saved on air conditioning, but you're concerned about energy costs still. Glowing 'A' lamps, the most common light bulbs, or Energy Star efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), cut rthe heat that halogen bulbs and incandescent lights emit. You'll cool the room and freeze the increases in your energy bills. Choosing the right light bulbs for your antique or modern ceiling fans is definitely a hot idea in lighting.



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