Add a Lighted Mirror to Dressing Areas

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Add a Lighted Mirror to Dressing Areas

Lamps Plus Tip: Bath vanity lighting is a form of task lighting. Many people don't do it right, and thus end up working harder to "put their faces on" for the day. Lighted bathroom mirrors should provide good, strong light for the head and face, without casting shadows or making you look like a creature in a horror movie. (To see what happens when lighting is too strong, try holding a strong flashlight over your head and look in a mirror!) Bathroom light fixtures should also harmonize for a pleasant visual effect when lit or unlit. Remember that any mirrors in the bathroom will reflect light, and plan for this so you don't get splashes of light or shadow where you don't want them. Lighted bathroom mirrors come in a variety of styles and sizes. It's important to give your mirror enough light to illuminate faces and heads clearly. At, you can buy most mirrors and lighting separately to allow you to create a custom look.



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