Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

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Kitchen Ceiling Lighting

Lamps Plus Tip: When planning to install or renovate kitchen lighting, it's helpful to first think about your kitchen and its uses. Is it a utilitarian galley kitchen, used only for food preparation? Track lighting might be a good choice. Is it a comfy meeting place where family members gather at the end of the day? Warm country kitchen lighting would work well. In a kitchen with multiple uses, consider a curving monorail with small pendant lights positioned to illuminate areas for cooking, reading and conversation. If there's a phone in your kitchen, don't neglect to give it some light so you and your family can write down messages and read caller ID displays. If you are planning to use a polished, reflective countertop (such as black granite) be aware that direct lighting can cause unpleasant glare. Consider indirect lighting or a less reflective surface.



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