The Right Size Chandelier

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The Right Size Chandelier

Lamps Plus Tip: Whether you're hanging an antique chandelier glistening with crystal or a contemporary chandelier sparkling with halogen bulbs, it's important to keep a few basics in mind:

  • If you want to hang a large chandelier that weighs more than 50 pounds, you will need to install a special ceiling box that can handle the added weight.
  • There's no need to spend a fortune on electricity to enjoy the beauty of modern chandeliers. Look for fixtures rated by the EnergyStar program.
  • Once hung, chandeliers are difficult to get to. Think about how you will clean the chandelier (they tend to be dust magnets) and replace bulbs, and consider installing a mechanism for lowering the fixture, particularly for foyer chandeliers or other multistory spaces.
  • Whenever possible, install a dimmer switch for your chandelier, which will allow you better control of the lighting in your room.



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