Wall Sconce Ideas and Options

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Wall Sconce Ideas and Options

Lamps Plus Tip: Wall sconces are an underused form of lighting, best suited to lighting small spaces, such as an entryway or providing ambient, indirect lighting for an entire room. Unless your room is very small, you'll want to supplement wall sconces with ceiling or floor lighting so the middle of the room isn't too dark. Still, there's no reason a set of sconces can't provide the primary source of lighting in a room, particularly one used for conversation rather than task work. Try these ideas:

  • For a home theater, connect a set of chrome wall sconces in a '50s retro style to a dimmer switch to create a movie-theater effect.
  • Use a pair of brass wall sconces to visually welcome your guests and show them the way from the foyer into your entertainment area.
  • Try an alabaster wall sconce as incidental lighting in a bathroom.



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