Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best lighting for a bathroom mirror that covers the wall?

How do I add luxury to my bathroom with lighting?

How do I add extra light to my vanity table in a dim bathroom?

What’s the best lighting for a bathtub or shower area?

I like tropical motifs, can I use them in my bathroom lighting?

What's the best way to use bronze in the bathroom?

How do I jazz up a plain bathroom mirror with light?

How do I properly light an enclosed toilet or half-bath?

What ceiling fan styles suit a low ceiling?

How do I cut my home lighting energy costs?

How do I build the right ceiling fan with a light kit?

I have modern casual decor, can I choose an elaborate ceiling fan?

How do I have lots of downlights on my ceiling fan?

What's the best motor speed for my ceiling fan?

What's the best fan size for a large greatroom?

How do I care for my crystal chandeliers?

How do I choose a unique crystal chandelier?

What are the best bulbs for my uplight chandelier?

Does a Tiffany chandelier look good in a large room?

Can I use amber glass or metal sconces with a crystal chandelier?

How bright should my chandelier lighting be?

Do I use brass cleaner on brass chandeliers?

Is there any place in the house I can't hang a crystal chandelier?

What do rheostats do for my home lighting?

What's the best lighting for my daughter's bedroom?

I have outdated home lighting, how do I revamp it?

What rooms don't need a dimmer switch?

What are the best light fixtures for picture lighting?

Do I need special wiring to connect a residential dimmer switch?

How do I keep my dimmer switch from overheating?

What's the best lighting for working on the computer?

What options other than chandeliers do I have for hall lighting?

How do full-spectrum fluorescence bulbs save energy?

What bulbs do I need for my mini-pendant chandelier?

When will I need to use a black or colored light bulb?

What are halogen bi-pin bulbs used for?

Does low voltage mean low power?

If I have outdoor floodlights, do I need other deck lights?

What lanterns are best for my front walk?

Are decorative string lights just for parties?

How do I lower my outdoor lighting energy bills?

How do I burglar-proof my home using outdoor lighting?

How do I get a moonlit effect on moonless or cloudy nights?

What are the best bulbs for safe and attractive pool outdoor lighting?

Are rustic bark lamp shades still fashionable?

How do I avoid glare from my glass lamp shades?

When should I buy replacement lamp shades?

What lampshades are too large for a floor lamp?

How do I resize my lamp shade for my table lamp or chandelier?

What are some great lampshade/lamp base combinations?

How can I spruce up my desk lamps in my home office?

Do dark metal lampshades enhance chandelier lighting?

What's the best placement for a wide double wall sconce?

What are candle sconces and how do I use them?

How do picture lights "wash" a wall?

What's Mission style lighting and should I have it on my walls?

Do I always need heat sink plates for wall lamps?

Why do I need table-top dimmers for my wall lamps?

Are task-lighting wall lamps suitable for the bedroom?

Do classical Greek or Roman wall sconces work with contemporary decor?

What unusual/funky/offbeat wall sconces can I choose?

Should I buy lava lamps to decorate my house?

Are table lamps or swing-arm lamps better for my bedside?

What are good table lamps for a boy's bedroom?

What table lamps are too elaborate for a bedside or end table?

What's the best placement for table lamps in my home office?

What light bulbs do I buy for my lava lamp?

Tiffany style lamps are fragile, how do I care for them?

How do I care for my lava lamp?

How do I choose pendant lights to hang over my kitchen island?

How do I create more artificial light in my kitchen?

I've heard underlights can burn kitchen cabinets, is this true?

What lighting is best for the stove or sink?

How do I add style and pizzazz to kitchen lighting design?

What bulbs should I buy for kitchen lighting fixtures?

Do I light my pantry the same way I do my bedroom closets?

Can I use grazing to highlight the handmade tiles on kitchen walls?

How do I care for torchiere lamps?

How high should a floor lamp be to give me reading light?

I want an unusual floor lamp, what are my choices?

Can a classic floor lamp add character to my modern living room?

Can I coordinate my table and floor lamp styles?

Can you combine furniture and a floor lamp in one?

How do I eliminate dark corners with floor lamps?

How do I create a rustic lighting look outdoors in the city?

Where do I position my chandelier?

What do I need to know about bathroom ceiling fans?

Are there safety issues with torchiere floor lamps?

How high off the dining table should a chandelier be?

I have a small antique Belgian glass lamp that I need to buy a shade for. How do I size the shade properly so that it's neither too small nor too large?

I have a few 3-light fixtures, is there any problem with mixing wattage? So in one fixture to have a 60 watt bulb, and a 40 watt, and a 50 watt? Does mixing wattage make any diff if you use recessed or floodlight bulbs?

I have installed 3 halogen lamps on a track to illuminate a computer area, connected to a wall dimmer switch. They flicker and pulse-very annoying. It resolves when they are turned up all the way, but any decrease in the output makes a flicker. Any suggestions?

I want to put a pot rack in my kitchen but I need to remove my ceiling fan ,which has a light fixture in it, and I would like a light that would fit in the middle of the pot rack. Any ideas ? Betty

We are looking to hang track pendants in our kitchen. We need to span 8' with track. We want to use a Line voltage track. Where do we look for this lenght of track, can we choose any 120v pendant light we like and modify it to attach to a track? Are tracks compatible or what track should we use?

What is the basic principle of bathroom lighting?

How can I best light my bathroom vanity?

I plan to include a dressing area in my new bathroom. How should I light it?

What do I need to know about buying a fan as part of my lighting design?

What's the first step in installing ceiling lights?

What are some different styles of ceiling lights?

What kind of lights should I get for my kitchen ceiling?

What should I think about for kitchen island lighting?

What kind of light should I hang over the sink?

Can I install lights under my kitchen cabinets?

What is needed for commercial kitchen lighting?

What do I need to do to light an eat-in kitchen?

How can I install a new ceiling fan?

Why would I want to reverse the direction of my fan?

What size ceiling fan light should I buy?

What should I do if my ceiling fan is wobbly?

What are some tips for buying the best lighted ceiling fan?

Where can I use accent table lamps?

What are some considerations in choosing a desk lamp?

What is a banker's lamp?

What kind of table lamps work best in a child's bedroom?

Can an antique table lamp still work?

What are some ideas for contemporary table lamps?

When would I use a battery-operated table lamp?

What kind of recessed lighting should I buy?

What is low profile recessed lighting

What are some things I need to know to install recessed lighting?

Where can I use pendant lights?

What kinds of pendant lighting are there?

Where should I use mini pendant lights?

Can I use pendant lighting in the kitchen?

What are some commercial uses for pendant lights?

How do I adjust the height of my pendant lighting?

Where should solar landscape lighting go?

What is low-voltage outdoor lighting?

What are some creative Christmas lighting ideas?

Can I make my own lampshades?

What are some ways to dress up a boring lampshade?

What color should my floor lamp shade be?

What are Lava Lamps?

Where can I use party lights?

Can I use neon lights in my home?

What are black lights?

What uses are there for string lights?

What kind of floor lamp would go best with my decor?

What kind of light should I look for in a floor lamp?

Where can I find a floor lamp to go with a period room?

How should I light my deck?

What do I need to know to light a commercial building?

Can I install emergency exit lights at home?

Can LEDs work in emergency lighting?

Who governs emergency lighting codes?

How often should emergency lighting be tested?

Where should emergency lighting be put?

What kinds of bulbs can I use for decorative effects?

What are my choices in decorative light switch covers?

I need to light a space with fluorescent bulbs, but the fixtures are ugly. What can I do?

What do I need to think about when lighting a commercial space?

What do I need to think about when choosing a decorative light fixture?

What are some creative ideas for using light in a room?

What are some tips for decorating with chandeliers?

What are some different chandelier styles?

How big a chandelier should I get?

What is flexible track lighting?

What kinds of bulbs can I use in track lighting?

Where would I use wall track lighting?

Where should I put my track lighting?

When can I use mini track lights?

What are some of the different types of wall sconces?

Where might I use battery operated wall sconces?

When should I use double wall sconces?

What kinds of light can I use in a candle wall sconce?

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