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How do I adjust the height of my pendant lighting?

Adjustable Pendant Lighting

Adjustable pendant lighting is especially valuable in kitchen, dining and restaurant situations, where the food preparation and eating areas may not be a standard height off the floor.

Being able to adjust the height of pendant lights allows for the best possible view of the food without either endangering people's heads or diffusing the light's focus too far.

Some adjustable pendant lights go up and down on poles; others can be pulled up and down on a wire or chain. Still others are hung on rods that can be easily cut to the desired length.

Can I use pendant lighting in the kitchen?

Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen?

Kitchen lighting needs to be utilitarian, of course, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish, too. Kitchen pendant lighting can offer effective task lighting and good looks at the same time. Some ideas:

  • Instead of the traditional fluorescent bar over the sink, try fluorescent pendant lighting, perhaps a pair of lights shining down over a double sink.
  • Large pendant lighting can help bring the light down to a useful level in a kitchen that has high ceilings.
  • A row of mini pendant lights is a decorative way to light a counter -- great for space that's used to set out party food.

What kinds of pendant lighting are there?

Styles of Pendant Light Fixtures

Pendant light fixtures are available in a dazzling array of styles and materials. Here are some popular types to consider:

  • Alabaster pendant light: Great for a period European look or a formal room.
  • Blown glass pendant lighting: Often ornate and one-of-a-kind, these pendant lights reflect an artistic spirit.
  • Bowl pendant lighting: Particularly used in pendant chandeliers and other situations where the pendant light is a focus of attention.

Where can I use pendant lights?

Pendant Lighting: When to Use It

Pendant lighting is a great way to draw attention to parts of a room without overwhelming it. A low-wattage pendant light can provide task lighting or showcase valued art or antiques without unbalancing the lighting plan for the rest of the room.

Contemporary pendant lighting also provides a sense of intimacy, making it an excellent choice for lighting dinner tables, conversation nooks and secluded patios.

What are some commercial uses for pendant lights?

Commercial Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is an excellent solution for many commercial projects, from large lobby installations to mini pendant lighting over a salad bar.

Commercial pendant lighting is often most visible at restaurants, where pendant lights shine on tables and food preparation areas, but spread only an ambient, indirect glow onto the rest of the room. This adds to an air of intimacy and privacy that an all-over bright light can't match.

Where should I use mini pendant lights?

Mini Pendant Lighting

Mini pendant lighting is a versatile solution to many lighting problems, providing a single point of light in a dark corner or an elegant way to light a long counter or sideboard.

A single mini pendant light can spotlight a treasured object, spread a gentle glow over a conversation area or offer focused task lighting for a desk or craft area.

Because mini pendant lights are so small, they are often used to add a touch of fun to a room. For a kid's room, try a mini pendant light shaped like a helicopter, motorcycle or spaceship.

We are looking to hang track pendants in our kitchen. We need to span 8' with track. We want to use a Line voltage track. Where do we look for this lenght of track, can we choose any 120v pendant light we like and modify it to attach to a track? Are tracks compatible or what track should we use?

Help With Pendant Track Lighting

If you want to install 8' pendant track lighting with a line voltage track, you may think your design options are limited.

You can purchase several kinds of decorative glass or basic track 120v pendant light fixtures and attach them to an 8' line (or low) voltage track. Line voltage tracks with halogen lighting are terrific because they require no transformer. You can even order flexible rail track systems to suit your lighting requirements and your decor (although several of these require low-voltage bulbs).

Typically, your lighting store or home improvement store will have a variety of tracks available and pendant light fixtures. You can attach stem supports at any point along the track length to strengthen the track, and can trim stem supports until your pendant track hangs at the desired length above the surface you're lighting.

Tip: Remember when you're hanging your track lighting that pendant lights should be hung about thirty inches from a table or countertop.

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