Lighting for Half-Baths

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How do I properly light an enclosed toilet or half-bath?

Lighting for Half-Baths

Your lighting dreams are big, but your bathroom space is small in a one-bedroom apartment, cottage or prefab home. If you have a half-bath you can start to feel claustrophobic. Your bathroom may be cramped, but you can make it look larger and more inviting without knocking out a wall.

If you can't change your living situation, you can change your lighting by following the techniques that experts use with enclosed toilets. You don't want a naked, absolutely clear bulb or a globe with harsh fluorescent lighting, which gives the half-bath or bathroom a "prison cell" effect. Try to follow this bathroom lighting guide:

  • Light bathroom mirrors with bright bathbars and wall sconces. Bathroom light around the mirror can flood a small space.
  • Use recessed lighting with incandescent R-lamps the way you would for a larger bathroom.
  • Use fluorescent flight with frosted glass, which is cooler and also easier for older people, especially around both sides of a mirror.



10/3/2006 11:35:26 AM
Bathroom Lighting said:

Good tips. It's always good to avoid that prison cell effect. Otherwise I'd feel like I was in the movie "Saw" lol


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