The Vanity Mirror Has Two Faces

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How do I add extra light to my vanity table in a dim bathroom?

The Vanity Mirror Has Two Faces

You inherited that antique vanity dressing table from Great-Aunt Louise, or you bought a streamlined console vanity from your favorite furntiure shop. But unless that big round mirror is lighted, you may need a magnifying mirror, especially if your vanity is in an alcove. Even in a master bath with ample space for your vanity, you need plenty of bathroom lighting. Otherwise, decorative mirrors amplify the shadows.

Be sure to position your vanity near your main bathroom mirrors so that you can get the full benefit of bathroom lighting. If you want wall lamp lighting in your dressing and makeup area, attach a Pewter Vanity Overhang Bathroom Light Fixture to the wall above your vanity. To maximize bathroom light, invest in smaller magnifying illuminated vanity mirrors that you can place beside your makeup. The magnification preserves your eyes, while the bathroom lighting makes you not only see better, but look better!



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