Chandelier Placement

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Where do I position my chandelier?

Chandelier Placement

There's no denying it, chandeliers are beautiful and can add elegance to any room. The trick is, however, that they need proper placement to really shine. You can't just dangle a chandelier anywhere and expect people to swoon. Here are some chandelier tips to help you get your great fixture situated in your dining room:

  • Center the table directly under the chandelier. This is pretty well-known rule of thumb. To be different, try angling the table diagonally to conjure up a more dramatic effect.
  • If a contractor or builder has hung the chandelier in the middle of the room you should move it. Placing a large table in the center of the room will likely force you to clump furniture together, creating a crowded area.
  • Put a dimmer on the chandelier fixture to create versatility and avoid glare. Use peripheral lighting to increase ambient light.



1/10/2009 2:34:20 PM
Nancy said:

My dining room has a window that is offset on the wall where my table is now placed. If I place the chandelier above the table centered in front of the window it won't be centered in the ceiling(will be 6 1/2 inches off center). If I center the table in the room the window won't be centered with the table. Which should I go with? The room is not large and isopen to the living room but is separated by a large archway. Never thought about this before!!


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