Crystal Clear Care For Chandeliers

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How do I care for my crystal chandeliers?

Crystal Clear Care For Chandeliers

Most people think Swarovski when they think crystal chandelier. But there are several types of crystal:

  • Moroccan/Egyptian
  • Rock crystal/quartz crystal (faux crystal glass)
  • Italian (especially Venetian)
  • Chinese
  • Turkish
  • Strass, made by Swarovski AG
  • Swarovski Spectra (generally cheaper than Strass)

All of these crystal grades have two things in common:
  1. They look impressive and elegant.
  2. They require special cleaning care.

Experts recommend that you clean your crystal chandelier and chandelier lamp shades in lukewarm water mixed with three parts isopropyl alcohol. Be sure to spread a drop cloth below your chandelier and cover upward-pointing bulbs with sandwich bags. Allow crystals to drip-dry.

*Chandelier Tips: If you don't want to mix your own cleaner, you can buy chandelier cleaning solution at a lighting store. Whether you buy Swarovski or Moroccan crystal, your chandelier will sparkle brilliantly for years to come.



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