No Cop Car Lights Required

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How do I burglar-proof my home using outdoor lighting?

No Cop Car Lights Required

Exterior Lighting Tips: You're considering renting a police siren and uniform because you're worried about break-ins. But, before you get arrested yourself for impersonating a law enforcement officer, take a trip to your lighting or home improvement store. Here's a police report on exterior lighting design for home security:

  • Most burglars won't hit a well-lighted house, and people typically neglect exterior lighting along the driveway, windows and doors—in other words, typical entry points.
  • Wall-mount outdoor lighting fixtures near easy access windows can discourage thieves and burglars. Floodlighting in your front, back and side yards will make most neighborhood vandals think twice about destroying your property.
  • Wall-mount lanterns and recessed floodlights around garage doors blend with driveway exterior lighting to discourage carjackers.
  • Lanterns mounted in trees and uplights at the base of trees and shrubs add to the impression that if a prowler sets foot on your property, someone is going to notice. For good measure, make sure your outdoor lighting illuminates security cameras (actual or fake).
  • Don't forget uplights that highlight a sign proclaiming that your castle is protected by a security system. Take the appropriate exterior lighting precautions, and you won't be bothered by light from TV cameras when "COPS" comes calling.



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