Classical Wall Sconces

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Do classical Greek or Roman wall sconces work with contemporary decor?

Classical Wall Sconces

Finding Wall Lamps: You have marble or stone columns in the front of your home. Statues of fauns and nymphs play with Greek gods in your garden. You even saw "Alexander" and "Troy." How can you make your house more classical, or bring a little piece of Rome into your home? Buy Greek bronze and alabaster wall sconces to light your temple or bedroom and bathroom.

You can actually alternate with Tuscan style sconces to get the full Mediterranean charm. Faux alabaster Corinthian column wall sconces create that ancient Athens atmosphere. Add a few grape leaf sconces for that Dionysus/Bacchus wine party (bacchanal) effect. You're not decadent; you're just devoted to the classics. So, read Homer and Plato, sip ouzo and enjoy an ancient Greek refuge from modern times.



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