More Control: Swing-Arm Table Top Dimmers

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Why do I need table-top dimmers for my wall lamps?

More Control: Swing-Arm Table Top Dimmers

Finding Wall Lamps: We've sung the praises of the dimmer switch, but we're not through giving you options to flex your power. Plug-in dimmers can keep you from climbing the walls figuring out how to lower the bills from your sconce lighting and wall lamps. You can connect a table-top dimmer control to the same outlet as your Tropical Wicker Plug-In Style Swing Arm Lamp. You love the tropical look and you love wicker, so you have several wicker lampshade tropical wall lamps in the same room.

While you can't control the light level from your Tahitian wall sconces with a dimmer, you can install table top dimmers on every outlet where you presently or might one day have a tropical wicker wall lamp plugged in. Save energy and shop for tropical wall lamps to your heart's content!



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