Black or White Kitchen Surfaces

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How do I create more artificial light in my kitchen?

Black or White Kitchen Surfaces

Kitchen Lighting Guide: You felt uncomfortable in your Aunt Sophie's kitchen. It wasn't because of her noodles that burned your mouth, it was because of the dark wood and the lack of kitchen light. Even sunlight didn't brighten the kitchen. In contrast, Aunt Rita had brand-spanking new refrigerators and cabinets in white.

They always seemed to glow, and you liked spending time there, even though Aunt Rita couldn't make noodles any better than Aunt Sophie. We can't explain the failure of noodle recipes, but we do know that white opaque refrigerator, dishwasher, cabinet and wall surfaces reflect light better. Dark wood can create a more claustrophobic atmosphere unless you install plenty of kitchen lighting. You don't need as many kitchen lighting fixtures for white or light surfaces. Lighting for kitchens with darker surfaces needs to be more abundant.

Of course, if you intersperse rich cherry wood with steel appliances, the kitchen will look lighter and less cramped. Kitchen lighting design can make your own kitchen comfortable and pleasant...although it won't help you when Aunt Rita and Aunt Sophie corner you, insisting you taste their new recipes for noodle dishes!



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