Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Islands

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How do I choose pendant lights to hang over my kitchen island?

Pendant Lights Over Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Lighting Tips: Dinner by candlelight is romantic, but we don't recommend cooking by candlelight! Our ancestors got by, but they never had to deal with seventeen settings on the stove and twenty on the microwave, plus all the new kitchen gadgets As Seen On TV. And, cooking is more pleasant when you can actually see and smell your food.

Lighting for kitchens should be primarily task-based. Kitchen islands and butcher blocks are where you chop vegetables, test seasonings and cut meat. Restaurant-style kitchen lighting fixtures such as long cylindrical tube steel pendant lights are a wise investment. Since your kitchen can be more informal than a restaurant kitchen—people often gather at the butcher block for conversation—you can opt for decorative kitchen lighting such as the Frosted Glass Ring Mono-Point Mini-Pendant Chandelier. You can hang it lower than you would a chandelier in the dining room. Install dimmer switches, since you may need brighter light for when the kids do their homework in the kitchen.

To enhance task lighting, augment pendant kitchen lighting fixtures with ceiling recessed lighting or track lighting. Now that your gourmet masterpiece is done, light the candles in the dining room or kitchen, dim the lights, and savor your food. Bon appetite!



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