Desk Lamp Shades

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How can I spruce up my desk lamps in my home office?

Desk Lamp Shades

Lamp Shade Guide: Tired of bottle green glass lampshades for bankers' lamps or metal lampshades that overheat when you turn on your desk lamp? You do have options. An attractive Tiffany-style desk lamp with a wooden base and stained glass lampshade brightens up even the most dismal dorm room or tiny home office.

Swingarm desk lamps can have soft fabric lampshades. For piano players, the Tiffany glass lamp shades on piano desk lamps add classical inspiration. How about opting for funky halogen desk lamps with blue bubble glass lamp shades? Plus there's Italianate bases with fabric lampshades, warm inviting mica lampshades...your desk can have pizzazz, and who knows, you might just get more work done all thanks to new or replacement lamp shades! And you thought only Starbucks could motivate you to work smarter on your taxes...



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