Bi-pin Bulbs

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What are halogen bi-pin bulbs used for?

Bi-pin Bulbs

Bi-pins. Sound like something you might find in a WWII plane? Check your local aviation museum and you'll see that you've gone off course. Halogen bi-pin bulbs are designed for ambience lighting. They come in slender tubes or in the wide-lens light bulb you often see in outside lights. You can use them in picture lights and in under-cabinet fixtures such as Kichler.

You can also buy a bi-pin fluorescence bulb. These slender bulbs work in aquariums, chandeliers and even dollhouse chandeliers--anywhere that you need to light a small space. Bi-pin and four-pin mini-fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs can be especially delicate, so handle with care. They are extremely energy efficient, so you shouldn't need to replace them often. That means you can spend more time learning about aviation history from WWII vets (priceless!)



1/24/2009 12:59:09 PM
Replacing 50 watt halogen bulb said:

With the bi-pin bulb, how do you replace them. The article does not tell how to do this. Do you push up on the bulb to loosen the pins, or do you turn left or right to loosen, then once loosened, how do you get them out of light?

10/10/2011 9:40:37 PM
Bill said:

I have bi-pin bulbs in landscape lighting but i cant seem to replace them without breaking them - leaving the pins stuck in the socket. What am i doing wrong?


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