Mini-Pendant Bulbs

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What bulbs do I need for my mini-pendant chandelier?

Mini-Pendant Bulbs

Light Bulb Tips: You've fallen in love with a mini-pendant multicolored chandelier that looks like a modern art masterpiece. Unfortunately, the genius designer seems to have neglected the practical detail of installing light bulbs. Don't try to question great minds. The specifics just fall into place. The lighting place, that is. Your little mini-pendant work of art takes 20-watt standard candelabra light bulbs.

Other art glass mini-pendant chandeliers use light bulbs up to 70 watts, such as the James R. Moder Cross Mini-Pendant Chandelier (60 watts). Single-downlight amber mini-pendant chandeliers take 18-watt halogen light bulbs, while a blue glass mini-pendant takes 50-watt T-4 halogen bulbs. Why? Artistic geniuses know. The rest of us are just thankful the bulbs are usually included with the chandeliers.



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