Hall Lighting

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What options other than chandeliers do I have for hall lighting?

Hall Lighting

Lighting Advice: Chandeliers and halls are made for each other. Whether it's Swarovski chandeliers or Kichler Castilla Collection Double Tier Chandelier (the more modern nickel Light Island chandelier adds an interesting contrast in older homes), you can't go wrong with a chandelier. But there are as many options for lighting hallways as you do hallways.

* Because hallways are high-traffic but need low light at night, invest in a dimmer switch for each hallway lighting fixture, or choose an auto-dimmer switch that operates multiple lights. Kichler egg wall sconces paired with a Kichler white ceiling light fixture create a funky modern effect, while antique wall lamps with uplights give you the illusion that you're in a five-star hotel. Recessed Juno lighting distributed at even points along the hallway provides consistency. You can even intersperse with one or two small chandeliers for variety.



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