Does Your Lamp Measure Up?

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How do I care for my lava lamp?

Does Your Lamp Measure Up?

Are you trying to select the perfect table lamps for your room? Relax, you don't need an extensive table lamp guide to make a good decision, you just need to assess the situation properly. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Choose a lamp that is an appropriate size. On a smaller table or narrow counter, a slender lamp may be your best bet. A large end table or hefty desk, however, can accommodate a much larger lamp.
  2. Consider style. A high-tech lamp or lava lamp will look misplaced on an antique Victorian table, while a fancy, crystal Tiffany-style lamp will look ridiculous on a sleek, modern end table.
  3. Get measurements to make sure the lamp will be tall enough to cast its light over your shoulder when you are sitting near it. The bottom of the shade should be almost even with your cheek when you're sitting on a chair, and the light's beams should land around your lap.



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