Caring for Tiffany Style Lamps

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Tiffany style lamps are fragile, how do I care for them?

Caring for Tiffany Style Lamps

Table Lamp Guide: Heart motif Tiffany table lamp. Mission Prairie style Tiffany-esque lamp. Dragonfly Tiffany-style table lamp. Tiffany Collection modern table lamp with lily pad base. Six-sided filigree Tiffany style table lamp. You get the idea. So many Tiffany style do you care for them all? You're terrorized by your Tiffany style lamp. It's so intricate and colorful, it looks so delicate. You love that Audrey Hepburn feeling but worry about dropping the Tiffany contemporary table lamp when you're dusting.

Tiffany Tip: You can buy lamp polish designed expressly for Tiffany lamps. But actually, a lemon oil-based furniture polish applied to a soft glass cleaning cloth will gently clean stained glass, most metal lamp bases, and of course the fixture frames everyone forgets. Household glass cleaner works better on Tiffany transparent or beveled glass.

**Place Tiffany lamps on higher tables out of reach of children and pets. If you live in California, use museum putty to keep your precious lamps safe. Now that your Tiffany style lamps sparkle, you can devote your energy to choosing even more Tiffany lamps!



11/18/2006 8:43:24 PM
Thomas Rockwood said:

Tiffany lamps are very popular amongst the world today, however none the less is to be expected because they were very popular when being produced by tiffany himself. You will have added to the value of your home if you were to add a tiffany chandelier in your dinning room above the dinning room table.

Antique lamps contribute to the ambience of the rooms they are placed in and will never go out of style. Today the copper foil method is being used by many manufactures who are currently reproducing tiffany fixtures. This glass is a special type of glass that was created by tiffany himself; it makes you wonder if the reproducers are even coming close to what was created a century before.


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