Dimmers and Flickers

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I have installed 3 halogen lamps on a track to illuminate a computer area, connected to a wall dimmer switch. They flicker and pulse-very annoying. It resolves when they are turned up all the way, but any decrease in the output makes a flicker. Any suggestions?

Dimmers and Flickers

If the halogen track lighting around your computer area flickers and pulses when you try to lower the light to reduce glare, your computer may not be to blame, especially if your dimmer switch is located away from EMF interference.

Lights that flicker and pulse when you adjust them with a dimmer switch may not be matched--you may have a low wattage dmmer with high wattage bulbs. If you have a low voltage bulb, you need a dimmer switch that matches. If you have a standard or high voltage bulb, you need a dimmer switch to match. Check the voltage of your dimmer switch and of your bulbs. If they don't match, there's the source of your problem.



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